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Wellness Plans for Everyone

Over the last ten years, healthcare costs have skyrocketed. Many companies have cut healthcare benefits and left their employees to purchase most or all of their health insurance.

Americans today struggle to afford traditional health insurance, and some cannot afford any insurance at all. But there is an answer. Advantage Wellness of America offers wellness plans for you and your family for just a few dollars per month.

What's a Wellness Plan?

Health insurance programs like Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare are known as funded programs. These programs require you to pay large premiums each month. These plans also have a deductible that you must pay each time you visit a doctor, have your eyes checked, or buy prescription drugs.

The AWA Wellness Plan is different. Instead of paying large monthly premiums, you pay a small fee - as low as $8.00 per month! When you visit a doctor in our network, you receive a large discount on your medical fees. There's even a free prescription drug card to help you with your prescription drug costs.

This is not insurance. It is a discount card that works with thousands of healthcare providers, fitness clubs, and retailers across the United States.

How It Works

Advantage Wellness of America negotiates with healthcare providers across the country. In exchange for being included as one of our providers, doctors offer deep discounts on everything from dental, hearing, and health risk assessment to cosmetic surgery, vision, and nutritional supplements. Doctors are willing to slash their fees to get the business of the millions of Americans who are a part of the AWA network.

Getting Started

At these prices, you can't afford to leave you or your family unprotected. AWA offers wellness plans for both individuals and families. There's an AWA Wellness Plan that will fit your budget. Click here to choose a plan that's right for you.